Stitch Technique Double Eyelid Surgical Procedure

Suture technique or non-incision Double eyelid surgery [ทำตา2ชั้น, which is the term in Thai] started two decades ago. This method was, as well as still is, a preferred method to develop double eyelids. The popularity of this approach is due to the fact that the surgical procedure is fast, less expensive than the traditional cut method, and does not leave any kind of marks. This technique is excellent for people who do not have any kind of eyelid ptosis as well as for those that do not have any kind of excess skin.

The surgery is executed by making little stab or pin-prick incisions. Fat in the eyelid can be got rid of from amongst these small openings in people with puffy or fatty eyelids. Then, an irreversible nylon suture can be passed from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid. There are different patterns, as well as quantities of the death of stitches that can be done. As a whole, the extra stitches are passed from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid, the more powerful the double eyelid fold will be.

Amongst the negatives of the stitch method or the stitched, non-cutting double eyelid surgical treatment is that the double eyelid fold can loosen over time. The fold helping to loosen happens as a result of the long-term stitch splits or cheese-wire through the eyelid skin. The effect is that the double eyelid fold will appear tiny or the fold will entirely disappear.

The healing procedure takes around 1 to 3 weeks. The more powerful the double eyelid fold is made, the longer the recovery will be. If you would love to see if you would get a non-incision suture method double eyelid surgical treatment, then phone a Clinical team near you or visit them directly.

Am I A Candidate for Stitch Method Double Eyelid Surgical Treatment?

If you have excess eyelid skin, then the double eyelid layer will be covered, as well as the fold will show up smaller than suitable height. The last means to figure out whether you are a prospect for non-cutting double eyelid surgery is by applying glue or tape on your eyelids. Clients that have effectively used glue or tape on their eyelids are a good prospect for this stitch technique double eyelid surgical treatment. These people have relatively thinner eyelid skin as well as have good eyelid elevating muscle, or levator, to lift and make the double eyelid fold.