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Simple Breakfast Recipe Ideas - Daily Health Mantra

Simple Breakfast Recipe Ideas

We feel a great breakfast is the start of a great day. Healthy, tasty and quick to create, these recipes tick all of the right boxes! These scrumptious power breakfasts are the morning motivation you’ll need! We have selected some exciting recipe groups which are the ideal breakfast. From high protein egg recipes to pure vegetarian pohas and south Indian breakfasts, have a look.

Eggy Delight’s

If you value eating eggs in the morning there are many ‘egg’citing breakfast recipes, that won’t just suit your protein needs, but additionally cause you to awaken having a big smile everyday – even on Mondays. You may make popular egg recipes just like a classic eggs benedict, omelettes, and scrambled eggs or try more interesting recipes like, eggs inside a bread bowl and egg white-colored and vegetable sandwich.

Scrambled eggs – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Recipe/Scrambled-Egg-Sanjeev-Kapoor-Kitchen-FoodFood.html

Egg recipes – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Egg-Recipes


Paranthas frequently possess the bad status to be packed with calories, however that the breakfast parantha could be super healthy too. This will depend upon that which you stuff it with. While traditional Aloo ke paranthe could be slightly at the top of calories, they’re perfect to obtain your began off for any busy day. Alternatively you can test other fillings varying from and carrots to soya mince for the parantha.

Aloo ke Paranthe – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Recipe/Aloo-Parantha-SK-Khazana.html


Smoothies really are a guaranteed method to make certain you begin you day on the lip-smackingly healthy note. You may make one with literally all of your favourite ingredients – fruits, veggies, oatmeal, nuts, the choices are endless. You can test an assorted berry and beetroot smoothie or perhaps an avocado and kale smoothie – which consist of antioxidants.


At the top of protein, Poha is a terrific way to start your entire day with. So whether you need to consider using a simple Maharashtrian style Kanda or batata poha or perhaps a fancier Indori style Poha – it’s your choice. You may also get this to popular breakfast recipe more intriguing and nutritive with the addition of a number of crunchy sprouts rather of sev.

Poha – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Recipe/Kande-Pohe-Sanjeev-Kapoor-Kitchen-FoodFood.html

Idli, dosas and much more

South Indian breakfasts are certainly a popular among lots of people and for the right reasons. While which makes them in your own home is generally a time intensive process, it’s very easy and rewarding. You’ll find simple recipes for various popular south Indian breakfast and snack recipes like idli, vada, sada dosa, masala dosa, uttapams, filter coffee and much more!

Snack recipes – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Snacks-and-Starters

Idli – https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Recipe/Idli-SK-Khazana.html

Oatmeal and Dalia

Porridges created using ingredients like oatmeal and dalia make the perfect choice to have in the morning. If you’re searching for any healthy tasty damaged wheat breakfast recipe you have to do this masala breakfast dalia or perhaps a dalia with vegetables for any more hearty option. Overnight oatmeal and recipes like oatmeal dosa or oatmeal and dry fruit porridge are high protein and boosting breakfast recipe.

https://world wide web.sanjeevkapoor.com/Recipe/Masala-Breakfast-Dalia-Sirf-30-minute-FoodFood.html

Bread Recipes

Bread is really a visit choice for many with regards to quick breakfasts. There are a variety of recipes that you could make varying from simple sandwiches to more fancy bread bowls and fresh baked bread. You may also create a great bread upma or poha with stale bread, therefore the choices are many – you need to simply obtain a little creative.