Lose 50 Pounds Thanks to Eating Raw Foods!

It is no wonder for everybody losing weight takes much time and efforts to achieve an effective result. You may face many obstacles that can hamper your process on your way. I assure you that getting a perfect outcome is easy and possible. Desire, inclination and patience are keys to your goal. I would like to share my own experience how I could shed 50 pounds thanks to eating raw foods.

I guess it seems to you pretty weird and impossible but it is really true. I tried lots of ways to lose weight effectively but they don’t work as my weight came back and even I got extra weight. I make sure you that all diets for 1 week or less are not effective and moreover these diet plans can have a bad impact on your body. You have to feed the whole body with all necessary nutritional needs but you don’t make it as you try to stick into your diet plan that are not crammed with vitamins and minerals.

Losing Weight is a slow process

You should realize that losing weight process takes much time. It is not possible to reduce your weight quickly as you can hurt your body. I have eaten raw foods during 2 months and I lost 50 pounds for this time. You don’t need to do regular exercises and other stuff it is enough to eat 5-6 times per day with small portions. I can say that I love running and other physical activities such as swimming, walking and various exercises. It will just boost the process of losing weight and making your body stronger and more enduring. If you like walking in the evening, it is enough 30 minutes to stay vigorous and keep your body in tone.

Benefits of raw natural food

Many specialists recommend people to consume raw foods because of their actual benefits. It can boost the cholesterol level, immune and digestive system, help to reduce weight and get fit. It is a great ways to detoxify your body. For example, drinking a green tea and warm water with lemon can neutralize and clean the body. Fruits, berries and veggies are kings of possible nutrients. Eating 5 colorful fruits and veggies every day will supply you with all nutritional needs. Porridges as rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and millet are pretty useful and healthy. Add fruits, berries, honey or jam and make your porridge more delicious and nutritious. That’s what I used to do every morning.

It is pretty significant to consume only boiled, stewed and raw food. Fried foods are not quite helpful for the body as it can cause much discomfort. Before starting to eat raw food I liked fried meal but I always feel heartburn and get extra calories. Try to mix up vegetable and fruit salads with lemon juice, olive oil or sunflower oil, but use it at moderate quantity as it contains many calories.

Foods for thinking

To tell the truth, with the advent of my raw diet I attempted to count my calories but I quitted this stuff as it is dawned on me it was a waste of time. Raw food actually consist of fruits, veggies, porridges, nuts and water that have only all necessary vitamins and minerals for our body. The food has calories that can be useful for your healthy and form good fats that don’t make you obese.

Healthy tips for you

This is one of my best diets ever as it has many benefits. You lose your weight for 2 months almost 50 pounds and I can assure your weight won’t come back if you start to eat other food. Just try to stick to the plan: eat a lot of times but small portions. Don’t consume foods 2 hours before going to sleep. Your stomach must relax, not work at night. Moreover, you can improve your general state and get fit.

Eat as many as possible boiled, stewed and raw meal, fruits and veggies, whole grain, nuts and porridges. Drink 7-8 glasses of water every day as the body consists of 70 % water content. Get rid of your bad habits as smoking, alcohol consumption and overeating. It is desirably to take up physical exercises to make your body quite stronger and get more energy.

It is hard to start off but when you get used to raw diet you will feel great and encouraged. You can do the things that you really want earlier because you have more power and desire to achieve something new. It is kind of you are getting addictive to become successful.