Know about different types of hernia 

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There are many people in Berkshire who are dealing with the issue of Hernia. It is an internal disease that arises when the tissues of walls of a particular organ pushes it. This is becoming a common issue amongst the new born and young people too but it can be treated through medications and operations. For hernia operation in Berkshire, you may contact renowned doctors. There is a lot to know about hernia but mentioned here are the main types of it:

Inguinal hernia

This type of hernia affects men often more than the women. When it comes to men, the inguinal canal is the passage that leads to the testicles for the flow of blood vessels and spermatic cord. However, in women it tends to contain the round ligament that is important for supporting the womb. In this hernia, the fatty or effected tissue pokes up to the inner thigh which contains the groin causing pain and other issues.

Umbilical hernia  

This issue is mostly found in the newborns. In this type of hernia, the abdomen pushes the fatty tissue near the navel or belly button. It can also be seen in the women who have given birth to so many children.

Femoral hernia

This issue is less common than other types of hernia. Mostly, it is found in older women. In this issue, the fatty tissue gets entered in the groin that is situated at the upper side of the thighs. 

Hiatal hernia

In this type, the fatty tissues get pushed to the upper chest via the openings in the diaphragms. This may affect the chest cavity through the opening in the sheet that is responsible to separate the abdomen and chest.

Incisional hernia

In this hernia, the fatty abdominal wall pushes via the surgeries that are previously happened. This is a common issue in the elders and overweight people.