Is Beer The Clever Mans drink?

Finds In The Flavour Of Beer

Scientists think of so many things. They are quite free to wonder about anything that might catch their fancy. Take the matter of alcohol, for example. Some scientists are implying that drinking alcohol can make you smarter! However, one good thing about scientists is that they always have some smart statistics and proof to support their view. As it is, a recent study, the report of which was published in ‘Consciousness and Cognition’ has shown that men’s problem solving capacity can increase by around forty per cent, while there is a high concentration of alcohol in their blood stream.

A group of forty men was chosen for this task. All of them were given one task. They were provided with three words, and asked to give a fourth one, which would have a relation with the three words already given. However, before they were given this task, half of these men were given beer. These men kept drinking until the alcohol level in their blood reached 0.075. The purpose of this test was to see how well or how poorly a person performs in problem solving when he has had a drink.

The results? Well, I expected the men who took the beer to perform poorly, and was surprised. The group of men who had beer before being given the problems to solve, solved forty per cent more problems than the group of men who did not receive alcohol. These beer-drinking men also finished the test faster than the other half of the group who took the test.

Test results 

This test shows that the creative and innovative capacities of the brain receive a boost when there is alcohol in the body. It suggests that when people are relaxed and less focused, they are more likely to find solutions to pressing problems than when they are stressed out. Take note, however, that the alcohol concentration in the blood of the men who took beer in this test was high enough to cause problems with their memory, speech, vision, judgment, sense of balance and reaction to their environment; but do not start for the nearest place serving alcohol just because there are problems in your life.

This study simply tries to prove that when a person is relaxed, there is a grater possibility of a problem being solved. Keep in mind that, any one who takes too much alcohol, or to make it clearer, so that there is no excuse to be made, consumption of a high amount of alcohol causes many serious problems to your health, your brain and psychology, and of course makes you a social misfit.

So getting badly drunk is definitely not an option. However, people who have had a habit of drinking ‘moderately’ and have had a low (preferably) to moderate amount of alcohol throughout life suffered less from dementia and a decline in analytical ad cognitive capacities in old age. They also had lesser problems with their hearts. So, it seems that a little drinking every day can take you far!