How To Treat Symmetrical Eyes And Make It Even

The moment you look into someone’s eyes, the first things you note are the eyes. So, the slightest change in the shape of the eyes is hard to overlook. Fortunately, you can correct asymmetrical shape of the eyes in several different ways. Before going into the treatment method to correct the asymmetrical shape of the eyes, it is necessary to probe some of the reasons that may cause a problem. One of the biggest causes of asymmetrical eyes is genetics. However, injury or medical conditions may cause changes in the shape of the eyes and droopy eyelids or bulging eyes may cause the shape of the eyes to change.

Cosmetic surgery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an excellent method of getting of asymmetrical eyes [ตาไม่เท่ากัน, which is the term in Thai] but you need to know the correct procedure. With blepharoplasty, you can say goodbye to mismatched eyes. One of the reasons people may prefer to undergo this procedure is that it takes less time, allow them to leave the medical facility on the same day, and recover at home. All you may experience are temporary side effects, such as swelling, bruising, blurriness in the vision, watery eyes, and high sensitivity. Besides, you need to stop wearing contact lenses and prevent engaging in strenuous work for about a fortnight. The best reason to undergo the surgery is the longevity of the result.

Makeup and eyelid tape

If you are not comfortable with the surgical procedure or the difference in shape is not noticeable you can apply eyelid tape that helps in lifting the sagging skin over the eyelid. The procedure of applying eyelid tape is cost-effective and safer than surgery. However, you need to consult with a professional before using the eyelid correcting tapes. Apart from this, you can also apply makeup to improve the appearance of the eyes and make them look more even.