How is Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure Performed?

Double eyelid surgery [ทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai], or blepharoplasty, is now incredibly popular. In addition to visual flagging, objective, as well as sagging eyelids can make a person’s appearance older.

Sometimes, flagging eyelids that disturb the vision can be the reason for double eyelid surgical procedures too. Double eyelid surgical treatment, or blepharoplasty, is therefore amongst the most popular surgeries. Nonetheless, there are lots of approaches to perform double eyelid surgical treatment. Which one is suitable for you? Which one is better? Actually, all approaches of double eyelid surgical treatment have their benefits and negative aspects. There is no best approach for everybody. An excellent cosmetic surgeon needs to be able to do all approaches of double eyelid surgical procedure, as well as pick the most appropriate approach for each person. Let’s see the number of techniques there are for double eyelid surgical treatment, how they are executed.

  • Double eyelid development with laser

The laser utilizes plasma to get rid of the sagging eyelid. This technique is suitable for the person that already has a double eyelid; however, it is somewhat drooping as well as flagging, as well as favors a non-surgical approach. Limitation: for the monolid person who wants to have a double eyelid, the surgical procedure can give better, as well as prettier double eyelid than the laser.

  • Double eyelid surgical procedure by suture method

It is performed by puncturing, non-incisional injury, the upper eyelid for 3 holes as well as sutures the fold which is fairly popular for double eyelid surgery.

  • Double eyelid surgical procedure by small-Incision strategy

It is performed by a cut of 3 to 5 mm at the upper eyelid. Depending on each cosmetic surgeon’s method.

  • Double eyelid surgical procedure by full-incision strategy

It is similar to the minimal-incision method but the laceration is much longer to make sure that the fold can be sutured all through the size of an eye without excising the excess eyelid.

  • Double eyelid surgery incorporated with excess eyelid elimination

Can get rid of excess eyelid consisting of the fat as well as eye muscle of a patient with thick eyelids to properly correct blepharoptosis.

  • Double eyelid surgical treatment combined with median epicanthoplasty

The doctor will think about the necessity as well as the relevance of each client since not every person that desires to have a double eyelid surgical procedure calls for the medial epicanthoplasty.