EAS Myoplex Protein Blend – Review

Muscle building is not an easy task. It requires a lot of devotion, hard work and routine exercises. Pushing your limits in order to lift more weight is just not sufficient for muscle building. If you want to see sooner and better results you require several products that can help you build as well as repair your muscles while you work harder towards reaching your goal.

Myoplex Protein Blend manufactured by EAS is an ideal product that combines a perfect blend of various types of protein that helps promoting fat loss and lean muscle mass.

How does it work?

EAS Myoplex Protein Blend is the finest combination of slow as well as quick digesting proteins that constantly works up to a time span of 6 hours in order to offer muscle building nutrition to the muscles of your body. In order to build muscles, your body requires a positive muscle protein balance. You can achieve this in two different ways i.e. either by decreasing the breakdown of muscle protein or increasing the synthesis of muscle protein.

The innovative and effective E3 Fusion in EAS Myoplex Protein Blend provides three essential ingredients to your muscles that help them achieve both the ways. These three ingredients are Phosphatidylserine, HMB and Leucine.

Advantages of EAS Myoplex Protein Blend

Myoplex Protein Blend by EAS is an amazing dietary supplement that facilitates muscle growth and strength. It increases the synthesis of muscle proteins thus enabling the muscle growth in the body. Moreover, there are many advantages of EAS Myoplex Protein Blend that you must know before going with it.

Promotes Muscle Building

EAS Myoplex Protein Blend facilitates a quicker growth and built up of muscle by providing your muscle an adequate amount of slow as well as quick digesting proteins that are required by the body in order to decrease muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis respectively after your intense workouts and exercises. Each and every serving of one scoop protein blend carries 130 calories and 26 grams of protein.

Effective E3 Fusion Formula

The unique and effective E3 Fusion formula stimulates the growth of muscles and their recovery after your vigorous workouts. It provides three important ingredients namely HMB, Phosphatidyserine(PS) and Leucine which are required by your muscles. The Myoplex Protein Blend contains:

  • 5 grams of KMB that decrease the muscle breakdown
  • 300 milligrams of PS that minimizes the catabolic effects of cortisol after intense workouts.
  • 500 milligrams of Leucine which is a necessary amount for increasing the synthesis of muscle protein in order to achieve the effective dose of 3 grams each serving.

Get better results by using the complete Myoplex Range

For getting good results, the EAS Myoplex Protein Blend should be used collectively with other products of the complete Myoplex range. You can use these products before, after and during your workouts in order build muscle, sustain performance, improve power and facilitate rest as well as recovery.

Final Say

Myoplex Protein Blend manufactured by EAS is an ideal product for those who mainly focus on building muscles and getting a good physique. These products are quite beneficial and worth buying. Moreover, the Myoplex Protein Blend is available in 5 different flavors that are chocolate, mango, banana, cinnamon swirl and vanilla so you can make a choice as per your taste and preferences. You can buy EAS Myoplex Protein Blend, Chocolate from Amazon.