Earn Points And Rewards Withweed delivery surrey Services

The benefits of legal weed extend beyond the green rooms, in fact, it can be easier than ever to reap the rewards of canna-business, the availability of recreational marijuana has inspired a wave of companies that specialize in delivering weed to consumers’ doors.

These delivery services help smokers get their supply with little fuss or muss, whatever that may mean for you, some services offer payment plans and others help users find local retailers who sell ganja but they all have one thing in common: they make buying weed convenient and affordable, if you’re looking to get into the weed game on a budget, you should check out these cheap and easy ways to earn points and rewards with your canna-business venture


Establish A Loyalty Program

Another way to earn points and rewards is to offer a loyalty program the idea here is to reward customers who regularly make purchases from your pot shop or delivery service.

It’s one thing to get a few occasional orders but it’s another thing entirely to keep coming back to your canna business, once you have loyal customers, it’s easy to keep them happy with regular rewards, like coupons or gift cards. You can create a variety of ways to keep your customers loyal.

Hold Events To Earn Points

Another easy way to earn points and rewards with your weed delivery surrey is to host events keep in mind, though, that these events are only valuable if other customers attend them, too, for example, you can host a 420-friendly competition at your pot bar or, you can host a cannabis-themed cooking class.

Either way, the goal of these events is to spark a community where customers can share and learn about cannabis among each other, this can help you cultivate a more loyal customer base.

You can also host themed parties and other events at your canna-business, they may not earn points and rewards with your company, but they are fun and help you build a community.


Offering Discounts And Coupons

Many delivery services will offer a percentage off your next order if you refer a friend or share their advertising on social media this can help you earn points and rewards quickly, and, it’s an easy way to drive more customers to your weed shop.

The next time you’re in a convenience store or gas station, pay attention to the offers at the checkout, many stores offer a percentage off discounts or even free samples if you sign up for a rewards program, this is one of the easiest ways to earn points and rewards with your canna-business.


Organizing A Drop-Off Event

Creating a drop-off event can help you earn points and rewards with your canna-business, basically, you host a gathering where customers can drop off their unused weed, tobacco, or other cannabis-related products.

You can then sort through the items and resell them as long as you keep a record of the drop-off, this is a valid way to earn points and rewards with your canna business, if you have an established customer base, you can organize a drop-off event once a month.

This can help you: stay on top of the products you’re collecting; stay on top of the products you’re reselling; and, keep track of customer information like names, addresses, and email addresses.