Different aura’s significance in the Light key healing


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Colors have been discovered to have a significant impact on our life in a variety of ways through the years, including our wellbeing, spiritual health, feelings, and cognition. Light Keys healing system is a healing modality that helps individuals to heal their body, life and spirit. The system consists of a set of high vibrational keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies to help us embrace our divinity. This is a very high form of spiritual healing made available by the source of light to humankind at this point of time.

Let us look into the different auras in the light key healing system- 

  • The first chakra or layer that is of red color signifies the person physical health, pain and pleasure. It is all related to efficient handling and physical sensibility. 
  • The second chakra or layer that is of orange color signifies about the emotive qualities of fellow humans. They are the means through which we express our emotions and feelings. 
  • The third chakra or layer in the light key healing system is color yellow are linked to our cerebral lives and linear thinking.
  • The fourth chakra or layer of color green is linked to the mechanism via which we embrace our friends and families, as well as mankind in broad. The power of love is metabolized by the fourth chakra. 
  • The fifth chakra or layer is of color light blue which signifies your divine will and power. It includes the power of words, its speaking skills, the way a person expresses him or her, to even listening and accepting accountability for our deeds. 
  • The sixth chakra or layer is of color indigo blue signifies Cosmic, heavenly, or Almighty love. The relationship of such power of God and its beliefs help you the most in the healing. It is a love that covers all life and reaches beyond the human spectrum of affection. It expresses concern and cooperation for the protection and nurture of all living things. It regards all living things as divine beliefs. 
  • The Seventh layer or chakra in the light key healing system defines the color violet. It is connected to the greater intelligence, consciousness, and unification of religious and physical characteristics. 

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The auras are spiritual circles that run through our body. Our organs are all made up of vibrating atoms. Our energy system is unique, and each of our organs have their own vibrating rhythm. Every single one of us emits color.  All these colors function with the energy system of the human body either enhancing or dampening their vibrations.