Delivery Packaging Tips To Surprise The Customer

When a bar or restaurant offers its customers the delivery service, it needs to pay special attention to the delivery packaging. After all, the food must arrive in good condition at the customer’s house and maintain the flavor and aroma in the same way that it would have been consumed in the sales establishment. Therefore, it is necessary to observe a number of factors to choose a sealed package for food delivery and surprise your customers. See, in the following topics, tips that you need to consider right now.

  1. Pay Special Attention To The Material Used

Several materials can be used to package food, and each of them has certain characteristics that can be useful in specific situations. Aluminum packaging with paper lids is suitable for hot dishes, such as the famous lunchboxes or food box (กล่องอาหาร which is the term in Thai). The cardboard ones are more suitable for delivering pizzas and snacks in general.

In the case of pre-cooked foods that will not be consumed upon delivery, the packaging can be made of plastic. Styrofoam, in turn, is more suitable for foods that need total thermal insulation, such as some types of sweets and cold desserts, for example.

  1. Define The Measurements Of Your Delivery Packages

Another essential point to take into account is the dimensions of the packaging. It is necessary to do several tests to ensure that the size is ideal for each type of food, being neither too big nor too small.

Generally, according to the size of the portions you serve, you can ask the manufacturer for a packaging model with the most appropriate proportions for each situation. Some manufacturers also offer the option of making the packages according to the requested personalized measurements. This is the most appropriate way to have specific and quality packaging for some types of food.

  1. Get Personalized Packaging

Packaging should also be seen as a marketing tool and therefore needs to be customized according to the visual identity of your business. Boxes, disposable cups, pots, among other types of packaging, must be developed containing the logo, colors, graphics, and other visual elements that are part of your corporate identity.

Manufacturers usually offer this customization when purchasing packaging, simply by sending your visual identity manual for customization to practice.

  1. Ensure That Heat Is Maintained In The Food

Nobody wants to eat a cold dish or have to waste time taking what they bought to the microwave, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging maintains the food’s heat. The interesting idea is that, in addition to the packaging of the food itself, motor boys or delivery men carry the products inside thermal boxes, ensuring that the heat is maintained during delivery to the customer.