Benefits of Eating Raw Spinach

As children, many of us were disgusted when adults told us to eat our spinach. The cooked leaves were slimy, smelly, and the texture had much to be desired. Spinach is a vitamin-rich plant and has many benefits when consumed.

In raw form, it is more akin to eating a salad rather than the processed goop of slimy green nastiness we grew up with. As we get older, we can’t be too choosy as to where our nutrition comes from and spinach is ripe with health benefits.

1. Fight Sickness

A single cup of spinach can provide more than three times the amount of vitamin A that the body needs to help fight off infections. Vitamin A is responsible for creating a shield around the areas that infections can possibly enter the body. It also is responsible for the development of white blood cells which fight off the initial invasion of foreign elements in your body.

2. Nutrient Rich

Spinach contains a great deal of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, zinc, and others. It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants which can lead to the prevention of high blood pressure and sicknesses. Anti-oxidants are especially valuable in the body as they prevent a number of ailments including failing internal organ functionality.

3. Vitamin K

To improve the nervous system and brain functionality, vitamin K contributes a great deal. As spinach is ripe with this focus improving element, eating it on a regular basis could improve a great deal of your physical and mental needs. Some have been able to sustain greater levels of concentration and memory simply by switching to spinach over the likes of potatoes at meal time

4. Dietary Improvement

Many diets that are floating around the Internet require the use of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are the saturated fats that are good for the body and promote weight loss and healthier living. Spinach is ripe with Omega-3 and is an excellent addition to any dieter’s menu.

5. Cataract Prevention

As spinach is loaded with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, these help in preventing eye diseases such as cataracts. Beta-carotene is one of the active minerals in spinach. Those who are inclined to develop such impositions through genetic make-up would be wise to eat a spinach salad once in a while.

6. Bone Development

In a single cup of fresh spinach, you could consume more than twice what your body needs daily for vitamin K. This including the high levels of calcium and magnesium can help develop stronger bones. This is very important for those of very young or the senior citizen. Age can cause bones to become more brittle and levels of vitamins can help prevent yourself from becoming a cliche of the “broken hip.”

No one is saying that we have to sit down with a hot bowl of green glop. Even children are more susceptible to eating spinach if it is in salad form. The next time you have a salad with dinner, why not make it a spinach salad loaded with mushrooms and a bit of shredded cheese?