A short guide on PRP hair loss treatment in Vaughan

Hairloss is a common problem these days. You may think it to be hereditary, in case there is such a pattern in your family. But stress, tension, and other diseases and intake of heavy doses of medicine can also lead to hair fall.

The good news is that new cutting-edge procedures have been introduced in the medical field where hair fall can be treated most effectively. You can opt forĀ PRP hair loss treatment in Vaughan.

What is PRP hair loss treatment?

As a layman, it is obvious that you are not acquainted with this term and the treatment process.

It is nothing but a rejuvenation process where platelet-rich plasma from your blood is collected to stimulate the hair follicles of your scalp.

This entire mechanism will help you reverse hair loss, especially in the initial stage, through the restoration of damaged hair follicles.

A centrifuge device is used to separate the components of the blood, to obtain the platelet-rich plasma. It will be better for you to go for regular treatments in the clinic if you are selecting this PRP treatment.

Duration of the treatment

The injection of PRP will be applied to your scalp, which will take approximately an hour, and the applied area will remain red for about one to three days. After a short time, you will see new hair growth on the bald portion of your head.

Since the recovery time is short, and there is no discomfort while you are going through this procedure, this is a feasible solution for your hair loss.

Hence, from the short discussion above, you can understand that hair loss can be treated most easily, and you can retain your self-esteem after undergoing this process without any side effects. Whether you are male or female, this treatment is suitable for all.