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3 Possible Causes for Hand and Finger Pain - Daily Health Mantra

3 Possible Causes for Hand and Finger Pain

Human hands are a very delicate part of the body. Its structure is complex, having bones, tissues, and nerves. The joints and the muscle in the hand are strong, but it is vulnerable to any kind of injury. Hands injury is common to those people who usually lift or carry heavy things on a regular basis. This injury is easy to treat by catering to some simple methods. Fingers are a more sensitive area; any hard object on it can create swelling and dislocation of a bone. This can a very painful as most of the things of daily life are performed by hand.

Impact of Arthritis on Hand Injury

Inflammation in the hands and wrist can be very serious until treated properly. Stiffness, swelling, uneasiness, and pain are very common in this kind of hand injury. As arthritis is a chronic disease, it will easily spread to other parts of the body. [https://kdmshospital.com/article/hands-fingers/ ] In most cases, the treatment is surgery or long-lasting steroids with some local anethesia. It is seen in older people because there is a chance of tearing and wearing bones during that age. The initial pain may be bearable, but it will increase very fast, and the pain will be difficult to control.

Impact of Trigger Finger

A trigger finger happens when the base of the finger gets swelled up. In this situation, the fingers get locked, and you are unable to move it. Symptoms like difficulty in bending the finger or continuous sensation in the finger’s base. Inactivity is the major cause of trigger fingers. Doctors are still confused about what exactly triggers the finger to get locked. But due to rheumatoid arthritis, the cause can get trigger among women. Its initial treatment is exercise, resting, and proper medication.